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Our Products

Bringing IoT to ecosystems

Alert House has successfully launched multiple products into the market. What started with an initial idea of a young engineer and his hunting father turned into physical products. 

Through this we have gained expertise not only in the design and development of products, but also in the process of launching, selling and maintaining products.  IoT device monitoring for wildlife and pest control is especially challenging, because the devices are often placed in remote areas with poor network coverage, behind obstacles (thick walls, metal plates, etc.) or underground shielding off the signal strength. But of course the limited accessibility also poses a prime case for the application of IoT monitoring.


So, we at Alert House tackled the challenge to bring cutting edge IoT technology to the basements of smart cities and remote hunting grounds. 

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MinkPolice is the first product Alert House has developed and is at the heart of our company. The alarm sensor is primarily used in the wildlife sector to monitor live animal traps and with its easy usage has simplified the everyday life of thousands of users. 

Read more about the functionality and usage of MinkPolice.

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With TrapSensor Alert House entered the pest control industry in 2016, offering smart rat and mouse snap traps. This user-friendly monitoring system reduces time spent on clients ́ sites and optimizes daily operations for many pest control companies all around the world.


Find more information about TrapSensor!

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The intuitive usage as well as high-quality standards make our IoT devices one of the leading products in their markets. Next to this, all of our IoT products offer web and mobile applications allowing for real-time monitoring of the devices. 

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