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A little bit about us

Simplifying life

Our History

Keeping track of the family’s trap hunting activity should be easier than this!

Hunting together has always been a tradition in Ulrik’s family.
So, of course there was great interest in bringing the newest technology to use in the hunting ground, when the son pursued his engineering degree.


Especially ecosystem and predator management through animal trap monitoring can become an unnecessarily unclear and cumbersome task of hunters.
Going out to the field and manually checking the life traps was not a popular task, since it is perceived as a waste of time and money for gas. Above a certain number of traps it is simply not possible to check each trap in the time intervals regulated by law. Also, the animals might be caught in the trap until the next check-up round.


There must be a smarter way to do it!
It was 2010 after all.

The first electronic trap monitoring devices were developed, switching to a more reactive approach. A machine should monitor the animal life trap 24/7 and notify the hunter as soon as the trap shuts. Like this the hunter only needs to drive out into the field to the specific trap that had a catch, reducing the waiting time of the animal in the trap as well.

But before the MinkPolice trap alarm was invented, all similar systems had to be configured by SMS from user to device, and there was no web interface for user friendly interaction with the devices.

At the latest, when multiple traps were placed to the hunting ground and several hunters should keep an eye on them together, it became apparent that the current solutions were clumsy and not scalable.

Winding Forest Road

This is where Ulrik and his engineering degree came into play and he started working on the new generation of smart trap alarms. After the actual physical device was developed, the work only just began: matching firmware, intelligent server logics and a user-friendly user interface had to be developed, to form MinkPolice as a product.

A user-friendly trap monitoring solution would surely be of interest also to other hunters and professionals handling animal traps. So, Ulrik decided to found Alert House as a company. 

From day one the goal of Alert House and Ulrik as its founder, was to create user-friendly systems that will simplify daily operations. Having moved out of the startup phase and having become a worldwide active IoT developer this goal and hands-on, highly entrepreneurial spirit remain persistent.

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Alert House was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Development of the first prototypes of the MinkPolice trap alarm.


The first MinkPolice trap alarm was sold.


MinkPolice entered the German market.


The first full-time employee was hired at Alert House. 


The first version of TrapSensor electronic rat snap trap was launched.


A new version of MinkPolice (MP5) was introduced to the market


TrapSensor Mouse was launched.


The MP10 was launched, enabling MinkPolice devices to communicate via NB-IoT/Cat-M


Alert House was awarded the Gazelle Award.

Our Mission

We bring IoT solutions to ecosystem management, making the daily life of those that take on this challenging task easier and more efficient.


We have been creating user-friendly IoT solutions
before there even was a word for what we were doing. Being around for over 12 years and seeing the technology evolve we have acquired a deep knowledge in the different disciplines of the field and developed the skills to adjust to future trends. 



We value long-term and close co-operations that are built on transparency and trust. Our systems are known to be reliable and so are we as a company. But things can sometimes go wrong and we are committed to make things work.  Because we care, our customer support is infamous.


Our team is dedicated to creating end-to-end solutions with a high-quality standard. The focus is on getting things done and devices out to the field, so that the users can benefit from the increased efficiency as early as possible.
As such we pay attention to details and are keen to continuously find ways for improvement.

Core Values

Our History

Our Team

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Founder & CEO

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Customer Success Manager

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Software Engineer

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Business Development

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Student Assistant

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Software Developer

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Business Support

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Electronics Assistant

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Advisory Board Member

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