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We make IoT solutions work

Experts in IoT services and embedded system development for outdoor use

What We Offer

We at Alert House are developing & manufacturing IoT services and embedded systems for ecosystem management.

We develop and manufacture IoT monitoring solutions for the hunting and nature conservation market as well as the pest control industry. We are experts in designing user friendly systems, and we focus on affordable solutions with state of the art, intelligent server software.

Making daily operations efficient and convenient by creating excellent and user-friendly IoT devices and sensors incorporating the latest technologies is our passion.

Why Choose Alert House


We take the lead on making things happen and want to see the product done and out in the market. Creating high-quality products is our passion and we take care of the whole process. 


We aim at creating user-friendly IoT solutions for both end consumers as well as businesses. We focus on developing intuitive solutions that simplify your daily life, because no one needs a device to make their day more complicated.


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We have developed our own IoT products which are successfully marketed all around the world since 2014. Being responsible for every step along the supply chain from the design process, R&D as well as launching and maintaining the products has broadened our knowledge. Find out more about our products here.

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We understand the complexity of modern-day technologies – but with our experience and expertise in embedded systems and IoT sensors, we want to guide you to find the perfect solution to your needs. Learn more about our areas of expertise.

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